Joseph Dougherty

VP, Chief Technology Officer and Comptroller: Joseph H. Dougherty III, MSOD (technology planning and implementation) is the owner of DIDAKTIKOS, an IT services consultancy. He has been an IT consultant for over 30 years, specializing in network architecture and administration, security, and systems architecture and administration for small to medium sized businesses. His early work remedying IT transition failures led to his use of an Organizational Development perspective in designing IT structures and interfaces to fit with and enhance enterprise cultures and strengths. He assists organizations in assuring their technology is properly subordinate to and supportive of their goals. He holds a BBA (Production Operations Management) and a Masters in Organizational Development.

“I think the great value of diversityDNA™ is in providing new information, new perspectives, new insights to people and institutions. When we understand the assumptions and rules by which others operate we can better discover our agreements and resolve our conflicts.

This is not a panacea, of course. There are disagreements and conflicts that are not easily resolvable, and some that are not resolvable at all—but knowledge allows us to focus on real problems, and not on perceived problems caused by misunderstanding and miscommunication.”

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