Why diversityDNA®? In our connected world, human activities are now global. No matter where one is, it is necessary to interact effectively and competently with people from different backgrounds, beliefs, values, assumptions and experiences. This diversity can bring enormous value but inevitably creates problems in communication and behavior. Traditionally, organizations and individuals have relied on the use of factors like gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation to understand others. Not only is this often illegal, but it doesn’t work. We developed dDNA to help people understand and negotiate their differences more effectively. 

What is diversityDNA®? It is web-based software that delivers a practical new approach based on individual diversity, the concept that each of us has a unique “diversityDNA®” which informs our behavior and perception. Drawing on our founders’ years of experience with diversity, conflict and communication, the research and writings of anthropologists, and the insights of organizational psychologists, linguists and others, dDNA focuses on six categories of universal human experience. These are dispute, physical, meaning, relationship, communication and action. Each category contains several behavioral aspects which are self-graded on a spectrum. No position is inherently wrong or right, but two individuals who fall on different ends of that spectrum will often misread the other’s behavior. dDNA allows each user to create their own profile, explore the meaning of the various aspects, and compare to other individuals or entire groups. The process is transparent and nuanced; users determine how to present themselves and may change their profile at any time, to reflect changes in values, perceptions, attitudes, or preferences. 

How does diversityDNA® work? An organization purchases a year-long license with a specified number of seats (minimum of 100). The licensee is provided a list of logins to assign to whomever it chooses, such as students, team members, employees, etc. Each individual user may sign in from any device with access to the app. There, the user will create his or her own dDNA® iceberg (visually representing the 23 aspects), which takes 20 minutes or less. The user may then explore content relating to the various categories and aspects, and visually compare his/her own iceberg to that of other individuals (personal privacy is the default but users have the option to self-identify) and to groups, e.g., all first-year students, or a particular department, team or class. 

What is diversityDNA®’s value? The value is fourfold: the tool helps users enjoyably connect with each other; understand their differences; learn strategies for effective cooperation, and it saves organizations a lot of money. On the average, classic diversity training costs range from $30 to $70 per user, for a half-day course. dDNA provides tools and content that each user can access at will over the year to assist in numerous situations, at $20/user or less. The marriage of the individual diversity concept with engaging, socially interactive and content-rich technology makes this tool scalable and easily tailored to an organization’s specific needs. 

What support does diversityDNA® offer clients? While the dDNA® web application is intuitive and user-friendly (and getting even more so!), we know clients may also want on-site training. We are happy to provide tailored workshops to help your workforce engage, create, explore and connect. 

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